Beachkins Waterproof Crocodile Top handle Big Ladies Handbag in Navy Blue

Beachkins Waterproof Crocodile Top handle Big Ladies Handbag in Navy Blue


The Beachkins crocodile skin top handle ladies bag is the definition of sophistication and style. It is everything you need in a handbag; 100% quality, large and sturdy, durable, stylish and beautiful. Do yourself a great service and add this big bag to your handbag collection.


The Beachkins Crocodile SKin Waterproof Handbag Features a;

  • Navy Blue Colour which would match so well with your outfits and accessories.
  • Waterproof and water-resistant materials makes it the perfect fashion accessory for all your outings.
  • It measures 30cm x 16cm x 22cm which is quite big and spacious to hold all your essentials and valueables.
  • Shoulder strap included just in case you need a shoulder bag to carry for the day.
  • Fold over and padlock closure to provide some privacy and safety for your handbag content.
  • PVC crocodile skin material which helps your handbag mainatain its shape.


Color: Navy Blue
  • Waterproof and Moisture Proof: The beachkins crocodile matte top handle is the perfect accessory for the rainy day or a day out at the beach. Because of its waterproof nature, it will stay in same great shape come rain or sunshine.
  • Durable and Quality: No cap, this is the latest handbag you need to add to your handbag collection as it is built to serve you for a really long time till you get tired.
  • Large and Spacious: This big ladies handbag is the perfect fashion accessory you need for work and outings because it was made with your needs in mind. It is big enough to hold your essentials, valueables and even documents.
  • Enviromentally Friendly: Your health is important, because na women wey dey kpampe dey carry fashion bag😁. The Beachkins waterproof bag is made with a  safe and high- quality PVC material.